3 Days with a HDX 1000 mediatank

1227777878_0.jpgLast friday we set out for a mission. It was decided that finally it was time to put something easy beside the television that could play video from the network. After a quick round-up of some candidates i stuck with the HDX 1000. This what we wanted to have years ago. After a sunny bike ride to Bergschenhoek we returned home with

  • a HDX 1000
  • a wireless USB dongle
  • a hard disk of 1TB (so they claim)

I could not get the separate USB wifi working at first but after downloading the latest firmware to an USB-stick and installing it on the HDX everything went smooth, it's just not something you expect to be doing with a brand new machine out of the box.
But having done that the fun started. It could do more than i hoped for, i could watch flickr on television, i could watch youtube, full screen on television, It can talk UPnP to my NAS which happens to have that on board. If you're not watching in HD, a normal G-Wifi router will do. If you however want to watch HD on your super duper screen, you need wireless N.
The remote is not a powerfull as i hoped to be, at 4 meters it's to far away from the device. Nor are the menu's the fastest you've ever seen, but i got used to it pretty quick. The default settings of the machine were sufficient, luckily you can configure the output at something different from auto Auto, which works good enough did some strange scaling, most content was shown correctly on the screen, the biggest problem i had was that when switching from menu to video the HDX gave 3 seconds of greenish flickering on the screen when it checked the video mode.
After i put the output to composite (you can also choose HDMI) and PAL the flickering was gone. Done that and enjoyed a movie it was time to get the disk working. From the settings i choose the NMT packages and started the required format which is took over two hours to complete. A quick reboot and the machine showed it's second nature. Bittorrent client, NZB client, and other goodies, they were all there. A lot more plugins are there to be downloaded. They give you email, ssh, games, themes for the menus and so much more.
Before we went to bed we started our first torrent on the HDX. It's not the best and fastest client i've worked with, i tried the same files and got three times better download speeds on a normal computer, Starting a second torrent made things only worse, both download came to a complete stop. Yet it's pretty convenient to upload a torrent and forget about it until you want to watch, because in standby the HDX will continue to download and progress can be tracked on a webpage served by the HDX.
My overall conclusion so far? This is nice, i wish this existed years ago. If only i could find a region-free dvd drive on USB and we could get rid of the old DVD player that is beyond it's life expectancy. But we cherish it because it's region free and we have a lot of regio-1 DVD's in our collection.


Can you share location of the "A lot more plugins are there to be downloaded". I would love to get ssh on my HDX.

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