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QR Code voor WiFi AnalyzerI don't think this will be a daily feature, but i thinks it's a good idea to post those nice Android applications i downloaded and use on my phone. Today i played with the network and i stumbled on a great WiFi tool that helps you to analyze your network. You walk around in the house, discover the black spots and get reccomandation to switch channels.
It' gave me a great insight of the networks in our street. Most Access Points are located in front of the house. I switched channels and reception indeed improved as promised.
Wifi Analyzer for Android

QR-Code for network discoveryThe second tool i downloaded and enjoyed is network discovery. I does exactly what it says, discover machines and additionally you can do a portscan on the hosts. It can do reverse DNS lookups and lots of other informational queries.
Network Discovery for Android


Hallo, ik heb een Fokke en Sukke app in elkaar gehacked (onder het motto eens kijken wat ik met Eclipse en Android kan), die uw feed (mis)bruikt. Iets voor op de site?

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