Business as usual

That was an unpleasant surprise last Thursday. After coming out of bed and my usual shower I walked downstairs to have my morning coffee and go to work. I passed my squeezebox and noticed the black screen. I turned round and ascended to the attic. The absence of the normal buzz triggered a rush. The server was completely down. And so was my NAS. I was as you can imagine not amused. The strange thing was that anything not connected to the UPS was buzzing as normal, just the devices that get their current from the UPS were down. I tried to reset the UPS to no avail. Quickly i replaced the power cords and booted the server and the NAS.
Yesterday I went to the store where I bought the UPS, without the bill, I loose them with no exception in the first week after the purchase. The guy behind the counter was new and had no idea of where I was talking about. We chatted, he found my receipt, printed the receipt after asking for instructions of a co-worker for three times and directed me to the service desk. The moment I wanted to walk to the service desk yet another co-worker showed up and asked me what the problem was. He invited me back to the counter and started typing on his terminal.
"We still have these in stock, I'll get you a replacement right away ."
I smiled pleased and with 4 extra sheets of paper I walked away. Fifteen minutes later I walked out with a brand new UPS and last night I shut down first the NAS and replaced the power cord back to the UPS cord. After that the webserver underwent the same treatment. And now hopefully the UPS stays operational for more then the 200 days the last one did. UPS's and the like should be no-worries appliances not another sorrow.
And kudos for Correct for the swift and no questions (well, almost) asked replacement.

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