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I had no doubt it would be possible, to create a Tumblelog with Drupal as a platform. You see the thing is, I want to create this new website. Somewhat evolved from the old website. And I decided it would be Drupal based. I installed version 6.2 and delved my way through the available modules. At first glance there was a lot of choice. Since SimpleFeed referred to FeedApi and several sources claimed FeedApi was the way to go; I was sold.

Alas. FeedApi should indeed be the tool to solve all your wishes for parsing RSS or Atom feeds into nodes. Attach a special content type, and if you enable enough sub-modules it would even inherit taxonomy. Too powerfull, too many options and not enough documentation just to describe the options and the effect they can have. Building a powerful tool is fun, but with so many options it would be nice to have some documentation lying around, maybe even a little cookbook. Because nowhere I've looked I've found a comprehensive description on how to auto tag feed items as when they are parsed. Sure it can be done, but not that easily, and that's a pity.
Options are nice, but obvious choices should not be made complicated and if there is no other way, just to keep the module generic and multi configurable please spare us some documentation.
So i deleted the module and took a look at the pre-installed Aggregator, which was simple to use. It has a lot of cons, it does not create nodes and it utilizes his own category system, so you can never intermingle the content of your website with the imported feeds. That could be a shame if you have a lot of websites you contribute content on and want that syndicated at your own site as well. Items are deleted after a user-settable interval, you can not however choose never as an option. It does however show the originating url by default.
Now I'm going to take a look at SimpleFeed because i'd rather have nodes instead of aggregator-items and see if I just as simple can create an overview of different tumblelogs as I did with the default module.

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