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With all the buzz on Firefox 3 I'm sorry to day that I've downgraded to Firefox 2 on all my machines. First the problem on my linux boxes where the machine would freeze with every pageload. And yesterday I discovered some odd behaviour off the fox on windows as well. As it happens I've got an application that operates on time ranges. And with every visit to the page the last-visit gets incremented. While people go cheering the faster page load on firefox 3 I discovered how they do this. Firefox requests the same page twice (with ranges) as a consequence, the last-visit gets incremented twice.
Oh hurray! What a splendid feature. I consider this a bug and won't go back to the drawing board just because some firefox developers considered this a nice feature to have.
Beside this nasty feature the keyboard handling with firefox 3 is buggy on forms, the suggestions drop-down sometimes does not adhere a keypress and only listens to the mouse. I'll try to figure out if these bugs are already known and if a workaround exist.
Last on not least, pop-up handling has been changed yet again and bookmarklets that once opened a pop-up window now either won't work at all or open inside the current window. Enough nuisance to stay on firefox 2 for as long as possible.


Weird, I haven't run into these issues, or haven't identified them as such.
Have you found bug reports on any fo these?

I've just spent 2 days debugging a security problem caused by the same problem.
When a user logs into our system (with remember me turned on), a cookie is created with a system generated/encrypted security token.
The database keeps a track of these and the token is updated every time a page is requested.

The problem being, the token is being generated twice every time a page is requested, and if the user navigates away too fast, the first token is being stored in the cookie, but the second token has already been generated and saved to the database!!!!

This must be taken out of FF3!

I have discovered the same problem, it breaks my WEB-app where I create new object instances from a form, and suddenly the same object gets created twice (second failing because of name already existing). Now I wonder 1) Why does it request the page twise??? 2) How do I prevent it from doing that, it does not seem to request all pages twise.

The why it's happening I can only guess there. Might be speed optimization, might be a really fragmented page where the browser requests for just a part of the page. Problem is that page no longer exists, because you served it to the browser already. So I guess you can not prevent this behaviour from happening. Itś strange though that firefox 3 is showing this behaviour more often.
So the only way to get your application in order is to do things differently when ever a browser requests a part of a webpage already requested. In PHP you could check if $_SERVER['HTTP_CONTENT_RANGE'] is set. If so you know should re-use your objects if possible...

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