the green keyboard

This morning my girlfriend woke me pretty rude. She had a little problem on the attic and I was supposed to get rid of it. Reluctantly I came out of bed and followed to the attic where all my hardware is buzzing. There was a cat looking at something, but I could not see what it was. After I moved the cat I saw a pidgin sitting exhausted in a corner. After two attempts I was holding the bird in my hands and released it.
After that I stayed up, checked the internet connection that had been down all night and was quite pleased to see it worked again.
Tonight I got home. The internet connection went down again and when N. was going to bed she came down to tell me something was beeping on the attic. I followed her the three stairs up and found the culprit my keyboard had turned green of the bird-shit and it was too filthy to touch. Exit most expensive keyboard I ever owned. My mouse had turned green as well of the pidgin shit, hopefully I have saved that one, but I can't tell it needs to dry for a couple of days to e sure.
To sum, his has not been the best day in my life and it sure has been the last time I saved a pidgin from our cat next time I think I just join the hunt and feed the little bugger to our cats.


What a pity of the expensive keyboard. But on the other side, not all the keys of that keyboard were in the right place for you. Is there a possibility to get youre money back from any insurance company?

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