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kodak_wirelessframe.pngI own an Kodak EX811 photoframe. The sole reason I have this model is that it was one of the earlier wireless photoframes. And I prefer wifi over memory cards ore USB sticks, just point to a network drive and start showing. At least that's what I thought. Or hoped for. The truth is, you can't point this photoframe to any networked device. It has to run Microsoft Media Player so does Kodak state. That was a big dissapointment when I installed the device, but it was a problem I had to solve later on. After connecting to the network, to my surprise the photoframe did find my LaCie Ethernet Disk mini. That was a relief, now there was no urge to find for Linux or UPnP because the ethernet disc and my NAS had that running for me already. At last it was time to put it all to the test.

That was a tad disappointingly, almost every picture that was larger than 1MB refused to be loaded on the photoframe. The same pictures loaded on a USB stick however did show up on the frame, there was no corruption, it was obviously a network problem. So I emailed tech support. It were a couple of short email messages to and fro and in the last email they promised that a technical agent would phone me after I provided my phone number, which I promptly handed to them.
And then there be silence.
I almost forgot I had this issue still open were it not for their own customer care system. It emailed me yesterday to survey my experience. I smiled satanically and clicked on the link provided. Alas, emailing me probably was the last action undertaken by the system. The server where I could tell my story about my customer experience does not respond at all. So I was unable to tell Kodak discreetly that I would not recommend this product to a friend.



I just found your blog about this. I have a similar issue in trying to connect the frame with a thecus n2100 nas with Ushare upnp server. Frustratingly the frame can see the nas, but cannot browse to any images. So close yet so far!

Disappointed that this won't do what I wanted....

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