I'm scrobbling again

libre.fm_.pngSince today I'm scrobbling again. The moment Last.fm started charging money for what used to be free I deleted my account over there, as a protest. Having principles does hurt sometimes and it cost me a lot of time to create my local scrobbling equivalent Trackstat. But in this networked social world, local is only local. To my joy i discovered Libre.fm, currently in alpha.
It uses the same scrobbling protocol as Last.fm which is a very wise thing to do. This gives almost everybody the ability to start scrobbling to this open source equivalent of last.fm right away.
It's not trivial, but it's easy.
Today i hacked the Squeezecenter plugin responsible for my scrobbling and poited it to Libre.fm. And with success; my recently played tracks now show up on: Libre.fm: use xiffy.
Besides that, i've also updated my tumble log and now it points to Libre.fm: Last played tracks.
So this wasn't a day all wasted.

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