RSS feeds the musicservice I love to hate. Last year they had a complete redesign of the site and took down a lot of functionality. Things happen but I wasn't too pleased. The site looked better, but where was the functionality? "Not to worry" they said. "All will be back".
After a year of waiting I gave up hope, just as many other people gave up hope. Everything what made great to use and added value was gone, still is gone and it will probably never return. So...

I started to scrape the bloody site and created (in a couple of hours) what they can't/won't in a year. RSS-Feed of your recent tracks.


update 2016-07-03:
since it was so simple, how about add a little love? Just add '&loved' to your feed an you get your last loved tracks.

If you're interested in the code, it's now on github:


This is a super useful tool; I've been meaning to make something like it myself.

I had a similar problem with twitter's RSS feeds a couple of years back, leading me to make which is the same sort of thing, and now gets millions of requests a day -- if you start getting that sort of traffic I'm happy to bung you a donation to help pay for the bandwidth.

I'm crawling the feed for my user account for the front page my site.

I'll cache the results for between 30 minutes and an hour, so it shouldn't put too much load on your server.

Anyhow thanks again :-)

The feed works perfectly fine. Thanks a lot!

As noted this is a solution for missing RSS feeds from and sorely needed. Thanks so much!

Got a quick question tho.. will you make your code available so we can host it ourselves (and save your bandwidth, etc)?

Again, thanks for stepping up and fixing what couldn't or wouldn't.

Thanks for this. I've been looking for a way to add my 'Loved' tracks back to my blog.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for your script.
But...I suggest you to give a timer for reload new rss content from for user use for twitter.

Thank you,

Hi thx a lot for making this possible!
Is there a way to include also the image in the feed?

Would love to see image support as well. I'm using a feed of 'added to library' from Spotify in the meantime that gets sent to Tumblr via Zapier where I can then grab the rss feed.

Thank you very much Xiffy, this is exactly what I am looking for!

still work fine thanks !

kindhearted site

Hi Xiffy,
is the service broken? Got an error today after one year great work..

Great job!

thank you

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