Lessons learned

So for those of you who don't use the Last.fm service yet, don't bother anymore. Or that is unless you live inside the USA, UK or Germany, you can still enjoy the service. When i first read the announcement of last.fm to start charging money for parts of the service i enjoyed earlier for free, I shrugged. I did not listen too much to their streams, my main reason for using last.fm was for scrobbling, which is keeping track of what i listen to. Once in a while i would listen to the recommendations based on what i listened to before. Sometimes it made sense, sometimes i just couldn't understand how they came up with that song.
Anyhow, no more. I stopped scrobbling and last.fm made certain we stopped listening as well, unless i would pay for the streams. And given my shrug earlier i would even consider paying for the service. But after a days thought and some online discussions i realised it would go against my principles to start paying now. I understand they made a plan, i just can't agree with the plan, so i take away the only thing i can, my account and thus my loyalty.
I started looking for a replacement, just to find out, there wasn't, not for me. I loved last.fm for it's integration in the squeezebox and for it's statistical data. And nowhere in the world would i find an online service that would give me exactly that. Until i realised i had forgotten my own credo; if you want something done well, do it yourself. And doing it yourself in this case only meant installing a plugin on the squuezeserver. Trackstat. It's bulky, it's default installation is all over your interface, breaking some features quite rude, but after disabling those interface features it just sits on my server, counting away. Each track, each album, each artist, and even better, it even tells me which music i never listen to.
One day i'll pull out this information and put it on a public webpage so my stalkers those interested can see my music taste as well.
The one thing i learned from last.fm is that nothing can be relied on.

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Good things go bad.
Bad things go bankrupt

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