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firefox3_bestyet.pngToday I could not see some header images from a website I was visiting, with Firefox 2 that was. I started Konqueror to see if it was any different and yes it was. The images showed just nicely. So it was a perfect moment to upgrade firefox to the latest version; number 3. And I was particular curious because I read somewhere on a forum that Firefox 3 would solve a flash annoyance.
I followed this instruction on the eeepc wiki to get it installed. And I did a little dance of joy. The scrollwheel now could scroll over Flash movies. In previous versions, flash would take focus and would capture the mousevents. Now the page keeps scrolling. As it does on every other operating system.


Yeah, I noticed that too. That's good news, because it was a daily irritation.
The Mozilla guys really did a great job on Firefox 3 for Linux.

Well that was a short period of testing. Firefox 3 seemed unusable on Linux. The biggest issue that every pageload would lockup firefox for at least 10 seconds. It looks like the sqlite bug still exists. The oher problems I had were that whenever I closed Firefox the crash agent would open and tell me Firefox crashed. Last but not least, theso called Awesome bar is a pain for me to use. Keyboard combinations 'alt-d arrow-down enter' showed other sites then the ones I usually surf. So it's back to the worse flash experience, because that was one thing that really ruled in Firefox 3, as well as the zoom-in and zoom-out features in 3.

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