Menus all the way down

One of the hardest parts of building a website (mind you not a weblog) is creating the navigation. After all the days (weeks even months) of talking, building and designing a website the structure slowly emerges into existence. Probably that's also the moment you need to rethink you menu strategy. Whether you build your site with Roxen, Drupal or any other CMS. I've done a couple of big University websites, a racing track website and some other lot's of pages websites and the moment the content starts coming in the customer rethinks his strategy. And no site is alike. For the university we had to do the strangest tricks to show exactly the menu that was supposed to be visible on the page. Skipping levels, indicators there were still pages underneath the current level.
So it all came back to me when I was playing around with what will become our new School website. And still fairly new to Drupal I was trying to get the menus to work my way. Which off course wasn't as easy as I hoped it to be. That's not entirely Drupal to blame, as stated before, menus and navigation are the hardest parts of the websites and to do it right for every imaginable website is even harder. No wonder the amount of menu related modules.
For the moment I settle with local menu because it does exactly what I want to achieve on most parts of the site. And now I think I need to fix a bug with this site, since Firefox 3 does not show my links at the top to the right anymore.

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