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Last week my employer gave us an iPad. Happy happy joy, it's a lovely device, but it is as i call "autistic". Basically it can only use iTunes to send and receive files, it can only play registered filetypes and so on. For most users this is just fine, apple thinks. I disagree. I've got tons of video stored on my network and would love to watch some of them on the iPad without hooking it up with iTunes, just to get the video on the device.
There are of course a couple of solutions for this problem, but most of them require a windows or apple machine to be turned on which would airplay the video in a format the iPad understands. This works well for most, but I would not like to have yet another machine turned on day and night just to facilitate this video watching desire. I haven't looked hard, but i doubt there is a linux airplay so this was no solution for me.
filebrwoserEnter Filebrowser. This is the first app you need installed on your iPad. This software let's you browse your network. Cifs and smb, mind you NOT afp, which is apples filesharing protocol. This absolutely no problem for me, there is only one apple in my network so i don't miss afp. This app alone is worth buying since you can use your ipad as a photoframe viewing photos stored on your network without putting them on your iPad. You can transfer files to your ipad, again without itunes. So even if you don't need to watch video, or have airplay configured it's worth the 2,39 euro.
Second you need a videoplayer which supports avi. You can either choose the free VLC or, as I did cineXPlayer. The first one is free, the second will cost you another 2,39 euro but I think it better supports all the different avi formats.
cineXPlayerThe only downside of this solution is that filebrowser can not play the videos internally, so it will download the video to the iPad before it will start playing. On the plus, it means you can leave the house and have the copy of the movie you want to watch on your device. That is a plus when going on a trip. Of course it will take a couple of minutes before the video is stored on the iPad, depending on the speed of your network and the size of the file. It took 15 minutes to download an average 700MB movie.


I like Air Video, but you do need to install a small piece of software on a Windows or Mac system. However, there seems to be an alpha of a Linux version available:

Might be worth a shot... :)

Now that sounds like fun. If it works it will be a nice addition to the arsenal of methods. And when at home would probably be preferable since you lose the transfertime of the video to the ipad. cinexplayer can't stream, just play local files.

I think vlc support stopped working in v1.8 of file browser
Got this to work once, but no more.
Is this your experience as well?

Well, i reinstalled VLC because i wanted to watch some mpeg, which won't work in cineXplay. With me VLC still works even after the latest upgrade. It just takes some time after the file has downloaded to transfer it to VLC, approx 15 secs per 100 MB.

Hi xiffy

Stratospherix just released update 2.5.5 of FileBrowser which can stream videos that can't be played in the native iOS video player (AVI, DivX, MPEG etc) to another video player on your iPad or iPhone.

This requires the other app to have a 'Stream from URL' function, e.g. CineXPlayer, GoodPlayer, OPlayer, Playable, yxplayer etc etc. You just choose 'Stream to another app' in FileBrowser and then it puts a URL on the clipboard. Start the video player app and then paste the URL into its stream option and the video will be streamed from your NAS, PC or Mac via FileBrowser. If you have the new version of CineXPlayer too, you can use FileBrowser's QuickStream option which automatically starts CineXPlayer with the correct URL.

Thanks for using FileBrowser!

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