on RSS, Caching and CMS


So you've probably read a lot about RSS by now. You are able to read the xml, to parse it, to display it, man even store it in a database. congratulations.

We are gonna take you one level up now.

You probably run a blog, that's cool. For this story i'll asume nucleus but MT is just as good (i guess).

Thought: the database model of a cms is perfect for storing a rss feed.

And here you have the thrill of the month. Why bother building your own databse and tools to manage and view the data when the tools (if you want it web-based) are already there.

Even the 'back-to-rss-engine' is already in place.

i'm going to think about this for a while.

Questions to be answered

Q: a channel is that a new blog or a category?

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