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Last year (2011) something terrible happened, the extinction of laptops with 16:10 dimensions. Nowadays it's all 16:9 galore preaching the multi-media hype that is storming in laptop land. And I wept. And with me a lot of other professionals who spend their days behind a laptop screen creating code, websites, images or other creative producers. We need screen-real estate and to be more precise, we need height.
Together with a brother in arm we started Serious laptops hoping we can make a change and make manufacturers aware that there's more than meets the eye.
In an age where tablets and phones get display upgrades every month it's time to look back at the laptops which are used to create the web you all enjoy so much. We will start writing at manufacturers asking them to reconsider and offer better panels on their laptops as well.
I hope you'll all join so we can make a fist.


I absolutely agree and in fact, would take it one step further. We need 4:3 laptops. That's what I have and I love it. I don't even understand how anyone can get anything done on a widescreen laptop with resolution any lower than 1920x1080. You can see like 5 lines of text in Word! It's just worthless. Widescreen is good for large displays, not so much with small ones. And now 4:3 is almost impossible to find. It's just impractical any other way I think.

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