The Asus EeePC 900

1208703042.usr10.jpgWith all this moving of my website I had hardly the time to play with my newest laptop, the Asus EeePC 900. I know, it's just a bigger screen and the one i had was only a couple of months old. But in those months I learned both to love as to hate the Eee. Hate because still a lot of web content won't fit on an 800x480 screen. It's not the Eee to blame, yet it's the reality.
So when I saw pictures of this bigger screen I knew it would fulfill my needs. It's almost the same size, with a tad bigger touchpad. And when I booted today, tweaked some settings as I've done before and started using it for a couple of minutes. I was pleasantly surprised. The screen was so much better, the rest of the device worked just like the predecessor; like a charm.


I'm waiting for the 901 :)

(comment by lijn, do I really have to register to make myself known?)

Ja, de 901 is weer leuker en als je het geduld hebt; dan zeker wachten!
En ik heb de instellingen gewijzigd voor de gebruikrs, niet ingelogde gebruikers moeten nu hun contact informatie achterlaten. En als je ergens openid hebt, dan kan je die gebruiken om je bekend te maken, dat scheelt toch weer een account en een wachtwoord wat je extra te onthouden hebt.

Die 901 lijkt me ook wel wat. :-)

Lijn, het is geregeld, je mag je personalia nu invullen.

thanks :)

Hee Ap,
Even een blast from the past, maar om in de nieuwe stijl te blijven I will continue in english.
Writing this from my galaxy black eeepc900. Must admit I got very excited reading your articles about the eepc701 on the old-style blog. Last week I purchased this Eepc900 and: WOW, this is a cool gadget!
How is life after GMT? Still having fun at the school? I regularly meet Reinier and Misha ,and soon we will meet again in t Pandje. Nice new xiffy website and always a pleasure to surf on by. Kill the pidgeons and take no prisoners. And remember: the Cake is a Lie ! ;-P.


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