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Another daily comic scraped; User Friendly by Illiad feed your rss reader this url: Userfriendly RSS Url

I'll be tweaking and tuning this one in the next weeks, so doubles are possible.


Since the imagenames look rather randomly choosen, next week i will switch to really scraping, and not generating the feed. Scraping involves more administration, but will prove better results in the long run. I'll keep you posted.

Please don't do this. It's hurting UF.

Why wont UF provide RSS of the daily strip? (You can include ads in RSS feeds..)

whats hurting UF is people not being able to access it in this way. I'd be happy to dea eith ads in the feed, and i go to their website weekly to check whatas new, i even click on some ads to help them.. i suggest you go click on some ads there too vigilae

Awesome feed! Only it stopped showing images this month. Not sure why, but the number hasn't switched over for the new month.

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