Where are my page-up page-down?

MOI_FINAL_BLACK.jpgSo working on a mac wasn't as hellish as my previous experiences. I already know why my previous experiences with the mac were so bad as they were. Normally i only touched macs when an owner asks me to solve a problem. And usually that's not the best of time to learn and experience. I'm result-driven and usually i know the result, yet not always the solution to do it on a mac. But that's a whole different story as the one i was going to write. You see, i'm starting to feel comfortable on the mac, that's a huge improvement. I'm yet unconvinced of it's acclaimed superiority.
Yesterday i tried to solve one of my biggest problems i encountered, to get the damn machine do what i want it to do. And the mac forces me to tell it differently, i.e. use the mouse. The thing that is driving me insane is the keyboard again. Even when i'm starting to get used to the switched ALT / CTRL keys, and the possibility to switch them with a piece of software it's still not possible to navigate through finder and text files the way i'm used to. By keyboard. The thing is, when i page-up or page down, the viewport of the file of the finder changes, but the focus and thus the cursor stays on the line where i started. Then when i have visual contact with the line of code i want to edit, i'm back where i started. I'm forced to move my right hand of the mouse, point the line where i found the culprit and then move my hand back on the keyboard.
Willing to learn any keystroke there was to learn if only this could be solved i googled myself into this switchers forum thread. I as a windows / linux user understood all of his questions. I read the whole thread in awe. There was no solution. It took the 'community' three pages to admit it could not be done. That you have to adopt a complete new philosophy and muscle training to get something trivial done; move a cursor. for crying out loud.
the image was found here matt johnson


your page up page down buttons are also available in mac. Use fn and arrow keys(up arrow for page up and down arrow for page dow).


See the problem is, it moves the viewport of the window one 'page'. But the cursor keeps put on it's position. That means when I page-down several times to let's say line 434 and then press the down arrow, i'm back at line number 2 instead of 435. Your visit did however show a possible solution that describes how to remap the cursor move keys to act more like windows cursor movement: http://blog.macromates.com/2005/key-bindings-for-switchers/

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