Tumblelog with Drupal, Simplefeed, Taxonomy and views

For my own documentation purposes I write this howto. If ths howto is helpful for you, that's even better. Keep in mind that with Drupal there are roughly unlimited ways to achieve what you want, that's the power as well as the weakness of Drupal.

For this website I wanted to create an aggregated Tumblelog. I wanted to import my bookmarks, findings and babblings elsewhere as a node. All items should be grouped under their original source and should show up in the correct order on th timeline. As described I tried FeedAPI to take care if importing the feeds as node, but I could not get it to act the way I intended it to be. And I'm now very happy with SimpleFeed.

Modules needed:

  • SimpleFeed
  • PathAuto
  • Taxonomy
  • Views

First install SimpleFeed, this will create two content types for you: feed and feed-items. I configured these content types to disallow comments. I don't need those on this website for those items. (You are more than welcome to leave a comment here.)

Before you can continue configuring SimpleFeed it's time to create a vocabulary to hold your scraped items. I created a Vocabulary Tumble. This vocabulary is only intended for the content types created by SimpleFeed; feed and feed-items. The I add a term for each channel I download. Like Twitter, Plurk, Flickr, etc.

Now you are ready to configure SimpleFeed. I choose never for deleting feed-items. But you can choose to delete items after a period of time. For the vocabulary, I choose of course Tumble. Now the method I describe has a disadvantage, you cannot import the tags that are inside the feed. This is a pitty especially for services like delicious. For the moment I leave this omission.

With pathauto I first configured the content type

  • feed to feeds/[term-raw]
  • feed items to tumblelog/[term-raw]/[title-raw]

Second Taxonomy term path setting I created

  • Pattern for all Tumble paths: tumble/[cat-raw]

This means that a particular item from delicious with the title "WWW Sql designer" will end up under /tumblelog/delicious/www-sql-designer, that is done by the node type rule.

The lifestream is created with means of views. I created a page view and assigned it to the /tumble path. For row style I choose node, a pager without AJAX. Then a lot of defaults, for sorting I choose post-date descending (SimpleFeed will keep the correct post date) and I filtered nodes based on the Tumble taxonomy. Be sure to display the terms of the items in this view, they give access to the distinctive sources taken care of by the taxonomy path auto rule.

Save and your done.


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I'm trying to do a similar thing with several external feeds that need to be imported and create a lifestream of my online actions that are captured in various RSS feeds. Unfortunately I'm still not quite able to get it running as I want it. I'm still puzzling with FeedAPI and being a Drupal newbie doesn't help either. But I got a few good hints from your post and I'll try my friend Google a bit more and I hope to figure it out sooner or later.
Thanks for make the how to public.

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