it's a long way there

Climbing the Etna for a great part. And with a lot of zoom i was able to shoot this image, it was hot, bloody hot, caused by the sun. They warned us to bring some warm clothes, but that was not needed in our case. The view was fantastic.

just married

just marriedThe reason we choose Sicily as our holiday destination was the wedding of Daniil and Trees. More photos will follow the next days i hope, i'll have to sift to them and stitch a couple of panoramas.

rijen motten ze

rijen motten zeHeel Rotterdam was de afgelopen weken opgeleukt met uitspraken van wielrenners en ploegleiders.

Android apps of the day

QR Code voor WiFi AnalyzerI don't think this will be a daily feature, but i thinks it's a good idea to post those nice Android applications i downloaded and use on my phone. Today i played with the network and i stumbled on a great WiFi tool that helps you to analyze your network. You walk around in the house, discover the black spots and get reccomandation to switch channels.
It' gave me a great insight of the networks in our street. Most Access Points are located in front of the house. I switched channels and reception indeed improved as promised.
Wifi Analyzer for Android

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