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some old material, before i started reconstructing our new house.

rotterdamse luchten

At last! Real spring feeling and finally some time to leave the house. I grabbed the camera and rode of on 'the rode donder'. Stopped a couple of times to fire the trigger, but mostly in the saddle, enjoying the surroundings.
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Okay de hele fiets waggelt, maar de laatste plinten zijn nu binnen.

xiffy: Okay de hele fiets waggelt, maar de laatste plinten zijn nu binnen.

On the move

The house is almost done, some final works will get done this week. Sunday we will move into our new house. And that means that my servers need to be moved as well. In my head i planned the job a couple of times, but reality always proves different.
I placed the servers at their new designated spot and slowly booted them one by one. The network was already configured so after the DNS change propagated around the world the first visitors were able to see this website again.
Only, I couldn't.
And i had no idea why.
After i plugged the linux server into another port on the router the problem went away and i was able to access the server from my laptop.
I do some checks and go home, knowing that there still stuff that needs to be done after this, but the physical part is over, the hard labour of carrying the UPS, the servers and monitor to the car and placing them in the basement. Now it's configuration and monitoring, that's easy, it's my job

De laatste meters.

En ondertussen zit de hele vloer er in. Daarmee is de begane grond bewoonbaar. Er kan nog een heleboel gedaan worden, maar we zouden de spullen er neer kunnen zetten. Daarmee zijn alle werkzaamheden naar boven verplaatst waar al flink wat latex is gesmeerd door deze en gene en ook de eerste banen behang zitten al op de muur. Morgen begin ik met vloeren leggen in de eerste en grootste kamer, dat wordt een hels kabaal met compressor en spijkerpistool om de losse plankjes snel op hun plek te fixeren. Ik ben benieuwd.

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