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MOI_FINAL_BLACK.jpgSo working on a mac wasn't as hellish as my previous experiences. I already know why my previous experiences with the mac were so bad as they were. Normally i only touched macs when an owner asks me to solve a problem. And usually that's not the best of time to learn and experience. I'm result-driven and usually i know the result, yet not always the solution to do it on a mac. But that's a whole different story as the one i was going to write. You see, i'm starting to feel comfortable on the mac, that's a huge improvement. I'm yet unconvinced of it's acclaimed superiority.

on the Mac

Yesterday i installed synergy on both my pc as my mac-mini. Then i fiddled around with some settings, a couple of reboots to test if i could really use the mac mini without a mouse and keyboard attached and then upon success i gave the mini it's more permanent spot, on top of the pc with only a monitor attached.
My position towards an apple is not very positive, i know why that it is, the only time i touch an apple it is when others have problems with them, and my sole purpose it solve those problems. Now finally it's different. Now i can and will use the mac to do things, my things. So i took the time to install the software i would use, a decent text editor was the first problem to be solved. Currently i settled for TextMate after having tried TextWrangler and xCode. If only working with remote files would be easy I would settle for this one. The editor feels slick, seems to behave and can be handled by keyboard only.

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It used to be cool to be an Apple fanboy. Now it's starting to be embarrassing.

Funny story on paired running shoes from Nike with iPods and how you could be penalized if you take out the chip and put it on another pair of shoes. At least that's what the patent states doesn't it?

he wat gek, een Mac

mac miniAfgelopen vrijdag, we liepen door Groningen, het klaarde lanzaam op van een natte dag naar een winderige middag. Toch even langs de Mac store, niet voor mezelf maar voor Nataz. Ze had een Mac-wens. Gewoon een Mac, geen kwijlerige dure überpotserige hebbedingen.
En dat doosje kon je vrolijk als een lichte handtas dragend door de stad heen dragen en thuisgekomen uitpakken. Aan mij de nobele taak het beestje op de huidige werkplek te integreren. Toetsenbordje en muis van zolder gehaald (usb modellen, iets anders slikt ie niet) en aanzetten maar.
De muis was kennelijk te oud want de mac mini weigerde verder op te starten nadat ie geen muis had gevonden. Even zoeken, en uiteindelijk een nieuwere USB muis opgeduikeld en warempel, hij ging verder. Paar schermpjes invullen, aansluiten op het draadloze netwerk et voila.

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