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Today some riding along the river. Just at the end i remembered i had to shoot a video.

xiffy brick iii

xiffy brick iiiI took some better pictures (although not great) from my converted Batavus, currently known as 'xiffy brick'. Today i took this bike to work and it was an excellent ride. I'm slowly getting used to braking and slowing down, but it's still not easy. Other curious things that happened the last days showed how automatically i ride a bike. Getting on is easy, but stepping on pedal and pushing off with the other leg is not an option. My left leg rose before i could swing my right leg over the saddle.

Fietsen maar! #Fixie

xiffy: Fietsen maar! #Fixie
Vandaag twee uurtjes knutselen met Toby van Fllon Bikes om de wielen erin te zetten, de ketting op lengte te krijgen, de rem weer vast en erder afwerken.
Wat er ove blijft is opnieuw leren fietsen (vooral remmen eigenlijk). Binnenkort nog wat beter fotomateriaal, maar deze wilde ik vast laten zien.

Wachten op wieltjes #Fixie

xiffy: Wachten op wieltjes #Fixie


xiffy: Stickers!

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