Ridiculous design

drip_song_0.jpgOn Yankodesign I spotted an item about a CD player with an awkward design. It looks rather cool on first sight, i pictured myself already drinking a cup of coffee with this thing and listen to the latest cd i had laying around.
And then the fun was over already. I bet this useless gadget will cost a bunch and offers five minutes of joy and another piece of plastic on a pile of other useless gadgets.

Bookshelves with ladders

match_tree.jpgI was browsing my RSS feeds and noticed that since more and more blogs incorporate images in their feeds, and having abandoned any partial feed (you know, the ones with just the teaser and the obligated click-through to see the rest) a year ago, I'm more and more triggered by images, and less and less by text alone.
I stopped scrolling the endless list of items when my eye faced this concept. The bookshelves are not pretty, but the idea that in a modern concrete house, and some wooden floors as well, you could install such a construction without drilling allured to me. With the ladder mounted on the shelves when not in use, and still granting access to the books when standing on the floor is nice as well. So hopefully this will become reality someday, I would consider this for book storage for sure.
More images can be found on Yanko design.

Bring bad design to justice

swissmiss: Design Police | Bring bad design to justice


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