Menus all the way down

One of the hardest parts of building a website (mind you not a weblog) is creating the navigation. After all the days (weeks even months) of talking, building and designing a website the structure slowly emerges into existence. Probably that's also the moment you need to rethink you menu strategy. Whether you build your site with Roxen, Drupal or any other CMS. I've done a couple of big University websites, a racing track website and some other lot's of pages websites and the moment the content starts coming in the customer rethinks his strategy. And no site is alike. For the university we had to do the strangest tricks to show exactly the menu that was supposed to be visible on the page. Skipping levels, indicators there were still pages underneath the current level.

Spam protection: Mollom

logo-top-5k.gifA couple of days back I wrote about spam protection on Drupal 6. Or rather the lack of this feature. After that I ran into an article mentioning Mollom, a new online service written by by Dries Buytaert and Benjamin Schrauwen.
It looks a lot like Akismet with the biggest difference that this one seems to be working with Drupal 6. So I'm testdriving this module and see if spam protection is available again on this weblog. If you encounter any problems with the submission of comments or registering yourself as a new user, please contact me and I will investigate this as soon as I can.

Tumblelog with Drupal, Simplefeed, Taxonomy and views

For my own documentation purposes I write this howto. If ths howto is helpful for you, that's even better. Keep in mind that with Drupal there are roughly unlimited ways to achieve what you want, that's the power as well as the weakness of Drupal.

For this website I wanted to create an aggregated Tumblelog. I wanted to import my bookmarks, findings and babblings elsewhere as a node. All items should be grouped under their original source and should show up in the correct order on th timeline. As described I tried FeedAPI to take care if importing the feeds as node, but I could not get it to act the way I intended it to be. And I'm now very happy with SimpleFeed.

Modules needed:

Running naked

So I did the change, I'm running Drupal on my own site and learning more of Drupal then I could have ever done in the last couple of months on my work. I decided when I started this project that I would use Drupal version 6. It's available since april and it runs smooth. No problems whatsoever. That is except one. Availability of modules. At first it's nice to have not that many modules. Because for version 6 only a couple of modules are available. The amount is growing, but some big modules are just not there yet.
And that can be a problem. Yesterday I discovered that Akismet which is the only available anti spam module available for version 6 is in just in beta. And that it's is borked. It feels as if it has never been tested. Just the submission of a comment makes the module crash.
And that means that at the moment I'm running naked. And that scares the **** out of me. Now I lied a little because I could activate Captcha. But I won't Never. Period.

Hello again

drupal.pngThis is probably hello again to you visitor. You may have noticed some things have changed on this website. A short list

  • Drupal is now running this site instead of nucleuscms
  • a lot of resources on this site don't work anymore
  • I'm writing in English

As this movement is a work in progress, for the next couple of weeks I will be fixing errors, adding features to the site, restoring old resources that are still being used etc.
It was time not only to change the engine, it was time as well to restructure my web directory on the disk. It contained clutter of 6 years of hosting a website. So for the next weeks I will follow the errorlogs of apache and restore what still is in demand.
If you read this website by RSS / Atom, your links will be forwarded to this website so you get your irregular doses of my ramblings.

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