Hello again

drupal.pngThis is probably hello again to you visitor. You may have noticed some things have changed on this website. A short list

  • Drupal is now running this site instead of nucleuscms
  • a lot of resources on this site don't work anymore
  • I'm writing in English

As this movement is a work in progress, for the next couple of weeks I will be fixing errors, adding features to the site, restoring old resources that are still being used etc.
It was time not only to change the engine, it was time as well to restructure my web directory on the disk. It contained clutter of 6 years of hosting a website. So for the next weeks I will follow the errorlogs of apache and restore what still is in demand.
If you read this website by RSS / Atom, your links will be forwarded to this website so you get your irregular doses of my ramblings.

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