De rode donder

Today i drove the first meters with 'De rode donder' (The red thunder) which i build in the past months. It was tricky since this was really a homebuild bike, even the rear wheel was done by myself. It turned out pretty well, only the cog was loose so i stopped over @010fixedgear which had the right tools to lock things up really tight. After that was fixed and i had lost the worries for my rear wheel on the first miles i could really step on it. It was wonderful, the gear (44x15) being a notch heavier then what i'm used to was a good choice. This machine can go fast. Can't wait to cycle along the forest next week when i go back to work where i have a 2.5 kilometer stretch all for myself, no cars, just tarmac and trees. Then i'll know how fast is fast.

Het is nu bijna een fiets. #Fixie

xiffy: Het is nu bijna een fiets. #Fixie

Dat is strakker, tijd om te richten.

If things go well, i'll be able to use my seconf fixie this year. Today the last package from germany came holding the spokes i needed to lace this wheel. It turned out pretty round and it feels good.
Building your own wheel feels good if it comes out right, now i can only say that i should have done that a lot sooner.

Interessant, maar niet goed, doen we nog eens.

xiffy: Interessant, maar niet goed, doen we nog eens.

Op de helft

xiffy: Op de helft

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