the cyclist

the cyclistThe last poster of this season. Gray paper, orange and almost black ink in two layers.
Next year more prints.

three guys

three guysA simple character poster. The raster did not came out too well, two sheets on top of each other never have a perfect fit.

gipsy woman

gipsy womanThis is the result of an assignment i got last week. It's silkscreen printing, but the first model for this print was 1 sheet of A4. So the first layer was one rectangle of pink with three tiny white spots which i covered with emulsion. The second layer, the yellow was the brushed away with emulsion, followed by the red and finally the dark gray.
This technique was so different of the one i normally use, prepare screens for every color only for the location where the colour should be.
After printing the red however the poster started to live and i'm pleased with the result, especially because it's not something i would produce when printing my own work.
The emulsion however is just to thick to really apply exactly at the spot you want it so the result will look like this one, a bit messy.

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