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MOI_FINAL_BLACK.jpgSo working on a mac wasn't as hellish as my previous experiences. I already know why my previous experiences with the mac were so bad as they were. Normally i only touched macs when an owner asks me to solve a problem. And usually that's not the best of time to learn and experience. I'm result-driven and usually i know the result, yet not always the solution to do it on a mac. But that's a whole different story as the one i was going to write. You see, i'm starting to feel comfortable on the mac, that's a huge improvement. I'm yet unconvinced of it's acclaimed superiority.

on the Mac

Yesterday i installed synergy on both my pc as my mac-mini. Then i fiddled around with some settings, a couple of reboots to test if i could really use the mac mini without a mouse and keyboard attached and then upon success i gave the mini it's more permanent spot, on top of the pc with only a monitor attached.
My position towards an apple is not very positive, i know why that it is, the only time i touch an apple it is when others have problems with them, and my sole purpose it solve those problems. Now finally it's different. Now i can and will use the mac to do things, my things. So i took the time to install the software i would use, a decent text editor was the first problem to be solved. Currently i settled for TextMate after having tried TextWrangler and xCode. If only working with remote files would be easy I would settle for this one. The editor feels slick, seems to behave and can be handled by keyboard only.

Everything is illuminated

/sites/default/files/mailhandler/DSC00381.JPGLast week I ordered some new HD's for my ReadyNAS. Whilst I was shopping for the disks my eye fell on the logitech illuminated keyboard. I was still without a good keyboard after the pigeon incident. Whilst my last keyboard performed quite well, it had some stupidities. The good part of the keyboard was the keys. They felt and typed wonderful (except for the keys with different touch). My biggest issue was the loss of the numeric keypad. Anyway, I saw this keyboard and I finally knew which keyboard would replace my cheap old keyboard which did his duties while i was looking for a new perfect keyboard. And i must admit, this one does come close to perfection. Finally I can hack away at night with the lights dimmed. And all the keys are where they belong to be.

the green keyboard

This morning my girlfriend woke me pretty rude. She had a little problem on the attic and I was supposed to get rid of it. Reluctantly I came out of bed and followed to the attic where all my hardware is buzzing. There was a cat looking at something, but I could not see what it was. After I moved the cat I saw a pidgin sitting exhausted in a corner. After two attempts I was holding the bird in my hands and released it.
After that I stayed up, checked the internet connection that had been down all night and was quite pleased to see it worked again.
Tonight I got home. The internet connection went down again and when N. was going to bed she came down to tell me something was beeping on the attic. I followed her the three stairs up and found the culprit my keyboard had turned green of the bird-shit and it was too filthy to touch. Exit most expensive keyboard I ever owned. My mouse had turned green as well of the pidgin shit, hopefully I have saved that one, but I can't tell it needs to dry for a couple of days to e sure.

The keyboard you love to hate

strak in 't pakVandaag arriveerde mijn verlate verjaardags cadeau en vol verwachting pakte ik het glanzende zwarte plankje uit. Al meteen toen ik hem beetpakte keek ik glunderend naar het ding. Onzchtbare oranje ledjes lichten op als je bepaalde toetsen aanraakt of het vernunftige touch wheel gebruikt. Ik steek de dongle in een vrije USB poort en ik kan direct aan de slag. Dat was boven verwachting mag ik wel zeggen. De toetsen voelen goed en ik begin wat rond te lezen om te kijken hoe ik de sneltoetsen lekker kan configurern. Ondertussen pak ik mijn Bluetooth telefoon en ga op zoek naar de PC.Liegen kan je het niet noemen, want alles wat de firma Logitech beweerd is waar. Het toetsenbord communiceert met behulp van Bluetooth naar de meegeleverde dongle. Alleen wat ze liever niet groot op de doos printen is dat die dongle in tegenstelling tot andere Logitech dongle geen Bluetooth hub is: Connecting Additional Bluetooth devices to diNovo Edge receiver.

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