Kralingse plas

Maar wel prachtig, die waterdamp in de volle zon

Dat was zo'n toevalstreffer, net een regenbui gehad, de zon die meteen weer krachtig scheen en alles stond meteen te verdampen. In 't echt was het nog mooier en ondoorzichtiger dan de camera heeft vastgelegd, ik moest gewoon even afstappen om de foto te maken.

Windmill at the ice

Windmill at the ice
Today was a good to be day to let go. I'm not much of a cold fan, so my daily bike ride to work is more then enough of winter cold for me. But today i dressed warm and enjoyed a couple of hours at the Kralingse plas, in Rotterdam. Man was it crowded, but it was fun to walk over the ice, taking pictures. But i do know that i should get myself some pair of freehands because it's either have a cold hand or hassle with the gloves on.

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