Wat heerlijk, visite, zon en een mastpas. Dus een prima moment om de euromast op te gaan. Dadelijk nog even de lift naar de top. Wie weet zien we de zee nog van verre.

En de officiële opening

De site is live, de afgelopen weken druk in de weer geweest, maar de sfeer zat er steeds goed in. Nu de laatste kinderziektes er uit zijn kunnen we hem intern live laten gaan met ons erbij.

The last one


So this was the last one. I've build from right to left and the last was the best one i've build. Now we can put the books back go a less random way.

The test


A new phone operator so that usually means that things are broken. This post is both a test as well a show off. With just one bookcase to go the living room finally has the means to store and display our books properly.

The old Luxor


A long movie day today. A bit boring in the morning, but that's work. The night started with Rule #1, which was a brilliant ghost versus cop movie. Slumdog millionair was as good as expected. Now to the last flick of today The Chaser, which i'll watch in the building that is still here, against all odds. Tomorrow back to work and an evening shift.

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