Smokers at the gate

The festival is well on it's way. It's been fun till now, crowded but fun. More directors this year which is mostly fun. And the after parties are great. Tomorrow an early movie so this will not be gonna be an all nighter.

IFFR 2009

Second festival for me in Rotterdam and this time i'll volunteer as well. On the picture the stuff we got when we collect our badge. The normal booth was too crowded so i'll collect those tomorrow.

Under siege


So this strange weekend is not over yet. This morning at 4 am our cab arrived and perfectly on time we arrived at the airport. After checking in and customs everything went wrong. Flight after flight was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Finally ours was cancelled too and we had to reclaim our luggage and join the que to transfer our flight. But there were 60 flights cancelled and 3 staff members doing the best they could. After three hours of pushing and agitation with russians, italians and irish folks i made it to the desk. The best they could offer was a flight to germany on tuesday. We decided to take it and had to find a place for the night. I bought An hour of slow wifi and with the last current available in the battery of the eee i booked us An apartment on the southbank near London bridge. Now we are back from shopping for clean underwear and socks and some food. Let's hope we have a smooth journey tomorrow, picking up our car at Eindhoven airport and finally go home.



So we arrived in London today and stralled into town. That was also the moment things started to go downhill. My Nikon D70 refused to registrate the colours we were seeing. I tried everything, even visited a camera store. But the sensor seems broken. Trains, not my favourite means of transportation were either crowded or not available at all. But we arrived in Reading finally. So i'll forget about the pictures, forget about the troubles and enjoy the rest of our stay.



Last monday i started officially at my new job at NRC Handelsblad as a webmaster. One of the luxuries of this job is the possibility to have cheap subscriptions on the newspapers that are produced by us or other PCM newspapers. The amount of printed paper has doubled the last month and because I take my job seriously i read them with more attention. Saturday is the king with two large thick newspapers as pictured on the photo. I love to read a newspaper, but just maybe this is overkill?

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