For over 12 years now we play Heroquest. Today is a historic day since we finally will finish the first chapter.

So we're back home, I died and so lost. We also learned that it was the second chapter that we finished and are desperately seeking for 2 more boxes with additional stories so we can look forward to another twelve years of playing.
Last thing we learned that mobile phones don't like Chardonnay. After this picture was taken a glass of wine listened to the law of gravity and emptied it's content on my phone. Hopefully it's just moist inside the device and will it get back to life once it's dry. But i'll know that only in an uncertain amount of time.

Also available as screenprint.

Today i finally finished my first slik screen print. As a starting point i used a photo i took in febrauary. Then i split the image into two single color images which both got printed onto a transparent and then the fun starts.
I have done this kind of printing ages ago and i forgot how fun this was, and how frustrating it can be to get your models right. But with every transparent produced it's getting better. This one comes in a small serie of nine prints.

Everything is illuminated

/sites/default/files/mailhandler/DSC00381.JPGLast week I ordered some new HD's for my ReadyNAS. Whilst I was shopping for the disks my eye fell on the logitech illuminated keyboard. I was still without a good keyboard after the pigeon incident. Whilst my last keyboard performed quite well, it had some stupidities. The good part of the keyboard was the keys. They felt and typed wonderful (except for the keys with different touch). My biggest issue was the loss of the numeric keypad. Anyway, I saw this keyboard and I finally knew which keyboard would replace my cheap old keyboard which did his duties while i was looking for a new perfect keyboard. And i must admit, this one does come close to perfection. Finally I can hack away at night with the lights dimmed. And all the keys are where they belong to be.


Today we went to a restaurant in a part of the city with a bad reputation. We were early and took the opportunity to look around. We saw the SS Rotterdam and all the new houses that are being build. While at the restaurant a young couple entered and left a few minutes later. They left with a watering pot and strolled away. I watched curiously where they went and watched how they emptied the can on the car on the picture. At least on a sunny day like this Katendrecht seems like a much nicer place than it's renowned for.


Just inside the cities highway ring Rotterdam has a fine lake and forest. On days like these with typical Dutch weather it's very quiet and calm over here. A bottle of wine, a book and a lovely view of the city. It's too far for this camera to be anything as impressive as go real life so you either go look for yourself or take my word for it. Next time I'll bring a real camera

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