some green, some light

6536_71a1_400I saw this fantastic photo somewhere on the web, Can only trace it down to a tumblr account. This is so gorgeous.

Fiordland crested penguin

Fiordland crested penguinOn one of our trips we went penguin watching. The main goal of this trip was the little blue penguin that can be found near Akaroa.
We've seen these penguins as well, but it was rather dark and too far away so the photos turned out bad. The night was saved by three Fiordland crested penguins that were wandering on the rocks and cliffs.

lake pukaki

lake pukaki, originally uploaded by xiffy.

The first photos have been uploaded to flickr. Today I was busy wading my email while waiting for the panoramas to render. This one i rendered for over four times and eventually stayed with the result Hugin gave me.

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