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MOI_FINAL_BLACK.jpgSo working on a mac wasn't as hellish as my previous experiences. I already know why my previous experiences with the mac were so bad as they were. Normally i only touched macs when an owner asks me to solve a problem. And usually that's not the best of time to learn and experience. I'm result-driven and usually i know the result, yet not always the solution to do it on a mac. But that's a whole different story as the one i was going to write. You see, i'm starting to feel comfortable on the mac, that's a huge improvement. I'm yet unconvinced of it's acclaimed superiority.

on the Mac

Yesterday i installed synergy on both my pc as my mac-mini. Then i fiddled around with some settings, a couple of reboots to test if i could really use the mac mini without a mouse and keyboard attached and then upon success i gave the mini it's more permanent spot, on top of the pc with only a monitor attached.
My position towards an apple is not very positive, i know why that it is, the only time i touch an apple it is when others have problems with them, and my sole purpose it solve those problems. Now finally it's different. Now i can and will use the mac to do things, my things. So i took the time to install the software i would use, a decent text editor was the first problem to be solved. Currently i settled for TextMate after having tried TextWrangler and xCode. If only working with remote files would be easy I would settle for this one. The editor feels slick, seems to behave and can be handled by keyboard only.

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