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Photo transfer edge in photoshop

step17.jpgPersonally I think that images width a vintage effect can be really catching. A mediocre photo can be turned in a great picture from the past when edited right in photoshop. Sepia is of course a well known treat to get this effect, but it's not enough. Photoframes, scratches and some dust are needed as well. At PS hero where you can find all sorts of tutorials or cookbooks they have a nice one on creating really good looking vintage photographs that seem to have been taken way before you were born.
Photo transfer edge effect in photoshop

Theming Drupal

The third stage, after succesfully implementing my Tumblelog functionality which takes care of importing all my different feeds scattered over the net and building an photo gallery with the Image module it was time to take up theming. I've done theming before, but I wanted to do this by the book this time. I downloaded Zen and started a sub-theme. I was not impressed by the result and went back to the method I usually follow, take an existing theme and strip the of all theming information and rebuild the CSS.
This worked much better, still some issues of course, some things that need more attention, but the site looks almost the way I intended it when I did my Photoshop mashup.
I guess tonight I will tackle the final problems with the current theme and will be able to test every detail. Which leaves one daunting task, importing my current website. That will be the biggest hurdle to take. over 5000 items, 10.000 comments of different users, some registered, some not. But first I need to think of the location where the old items should end up on this website.


klik voor het complete albumLaatst las ik over de techniek om met Photoshop foto's te bewerken alsof je miniatuur opnames bekijkt (tilt-shift). Het proces is wonderlijk eenvoudig als je eenmaal weet hoe het werkt. Het resultaat, soms verbluffend. Vooral foto's die iets van boven zijn genomen lenen zich uitstekend voor deze techniek.
Zie ook: Flick tilt-shift pool voor veel meer voorbeelden.

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