Overexposure and underattention

Since the emrging of social networks has the web given us a plethora of options to tell our friends, colleges, fans and stalker what we are doing right now. The one with the most heard name on the web is of course Twitter but that is far from the only one. We have Jaiku, Plurk, Pownce ... need I to continue?
And these services are not alone. Most social networks like Facebook give us the option to change our status, and so do our Instant Messengers, location aware service as BrightKite and Plazes, the list goes on and on.
Most people don't use any of these services so for them the story ends right here. Then there is a large group that use one or two of these services, and for them too the story is done. They follow their timeline on the service they are subscribed to, read the updates of their friends and continue with what they are doing.

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