RSS RSS feeds the musicservice I love to hate. Last year they had a complete redesign of the site and took down a lot of functionality. Things happen but I wasn't too pleased. The site looked better, but where was the functionality? "Not to worry" they said. "All will be back".
After a year of waiting I gave up hope, just as many other people gave up hope. Everything what made great to use and added value was gone, still is gone and it will probably never return. So...

I started to scrape the bloody site and created (in a couple of hours) what they can't/won't in a year. RSS-Feed of your recent tracks.


update 2016-07-03:
since it was so simple, how about add a little love? Just add '&loved' to your feed an you get your last loved tracks.


At the moment the server is a bit slow and I know why it is. I was looking through some log files and discovered that some SQL queries became slow. The queries in question were all optimized, indexes in place and so on. Then it struck me, there was a huge amount of unused data that could end up in this queries to be examined. And there was no easy way to get around this unwanted feature.
There was only one solution; clean up the database of this bits from the past. And so I wrote a couple of queries to examine how much data there would be deleted. An astonishing 1.000.000 rss items I keep in my database were orphans. That means items that belong to feeds that are gone or that I just don't read anymore. That's one third of all the items that are stored inside the feeds database, and I was never ever going to look at them again. (Well in theory I could, but over the last five years I have never done that)
So at the moment the items of over 500 RSS feeds are being cleared out and that will take a couple of hours. Next an index rebuild will be done so the indexes are optimal for the table again.

SimpleFeed it will be

Mvqgbl8r_0_0.jpgIt's growing. Last night I went to bed after a couple of hours playing with SimpleFeed. It had a nasty bug inside, but found an earlier reported way to circumvent the problem that items get imprted over and over again. It's almost perfect, just a tiny little issue left.
The paths are beautiful I think

It's time to upload the first image with IMCE and put some gallery modules to the test. It's photo time.

Drupal Tumblelog

I had no doubt it would be possible, to create a Tumblelog with Drupal as a platform. You see the thing is, I want to create this new website. Somewhat evolved from the old website. And I decided it would be Drupal based. I installed version 6.2 and delved my way through the available modules. At first glance there was a lot of choice. Since SimpleFeed referred to FeedApi and several sources claimed FeedApi was the way to go; I was sold.

En soms zit het mee

Een van mijn webdingetjes loopt al wat jaartjes mee. Mijn online RSS reader. Gebouwd toen RSS booming was, mijn PHP kennis nihil en mijn enhousiasme dat gebrek commpenseerde. Zoals hobby projecten gaan, ze kosten teveel tijd en je besteed er net niet genoeg tijd aan om het 'af' te kunnen noemen.
Maar omdat het als geheel tamelijk geslaagd was ben ik het altijd blijven gebruiken als mijn RSS lezer. Vele nieuwe pogingen heb ik opgestartzoals: 1) om alle onvolkomenheden uit het verleden te voorkomen en alle wensen die ik had te verwezenlijken. En telkens weer blijkt hoeveel tijd er in mijn oorspronkelijke lezer is verdwenen en na een weekend knopperen en testen start ik die gewoon weer op en lees jullie verhaaltjes. (dromend van de dag dat de nieuwe lezert wel klaar is)

Eén ding echter was nogal irritant bij mijn lezer, hij gokte nogal eens op de verkeerde codepage. Resultaat was onherroepelijk vreemde karakters op de plaats van geaccentueerde tekens. Niet altijd. Maar te vaak.

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