I'm scrobbling again

libre.fm_.pngSince today I'm scrobbling again. The moment started charging money for what used to be free I deleted my account over there, as a protest. Having principles does hurt sometimes and it cost me a lot of time to create my local scrobbling equivalent Trackstat. But in this networked social world, local is only local. To my joy i discovered, currently in alpha.
It uses the same scrobbling protocol as which is a very wise thing to do. This gives almost everybody the ability to start scrobbling to this open source equivalent of right away.
It's not trivial, but it's easy.
Today i hacked the Squeezecenter plugin responsible for my scrobbling and poited it to And with success; my recently played tracks now show up on: use xiffy.
Besides that, i've also updated my tumble log and now it points to Last played tracks.

Creating Trackstat

The last weekend i've build my own scrobbling application visible for the world. Of course it's not finished, but the framework is working and it does what i missed since i abandoned I hacked a couple of things together using of course the database of the squeezeserver software. This wonderful piece of software keeps track of what you listen when you use either a hardware player, or the softsqueeze simulation software. There was only one thing that prevented using the listening history of the squeezeserver and that was the fact that each rescan of your library did reset your play count. This can be solved by installing the trackstat plugin for the squeezeserver. This plugin delivers a lot more goodies once you start rating your tracks, but you can read all that on the original plugin page.
I added an extra table to my squeezeserver database, track_statistic_monthly which holds the history for each track. In the end this will give me the opportunity for instance to see which songs i liked two years ago, but never listen to anymore.

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