At the moment the server is a bit slow and I know why it is. I was looking through some log files and discovered that some SQL queries became slow. The queries in question were all optimized, indexes in place and so on. Then it struck me, there was a huge amount of unused data that could end up in this queries to be examined. And there was no easy way to get around this unwanted feature.
There was only one solution; clean up the database of this bits from the past. And so I wrote a couple of queries to examine how much data there would be deleted. An astonishing 1.000.000 rss items I keep in my database were orphans. That means items that belong to feeds that are gone or that I just don't read anymore. That's one third of all the items that are stored inside the feeds database, and I was never ever going to look at them again. (Well in theory I could, but over the last five years I have never done that)
So at the moment the items of over 500 RSS feeds are being cleared out and that will take a couple of hours. Next an index rebuild will be done so the indexes are optimal for the table again.

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