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InterpolSafe Without (Interpol)starstarstarstarstar 20:14 (29 Feb 2016)19
Paul BanksThe Base (Banks)starstarstarstarstar 20:10 (29 Feb 2016)19
Paul BanksOver My Shoulder (Banks)starstarstarstarstar 20:07 (29 Feb 2016)19
InterpolMemory Serves (Interpol)starstarstarstarstar 20:02 (29 Feb 2016)19
The Black AngelsYou're Mine (Indigo Meadow)starstarstarstarstar 19:58 (29 Feb 2016)19
ArchiveCollapse/Collide (Crontrolling Crowds)starstarstarstarstar 19:49 (29 Feb 2016)19
Sunday Song (feat. Rachel Fannan) (Only The Lonely)starstarstarstarstar 19:42 (29 Feb 2016)19
Miss Kittin & The HackerIndulgence (Two)starstarstarstarstar 19:38 (29 Feb 2016)20
KasabianGoodbye Kiss (Velociraptor!)starstarstarstarstar 19:34 (29 Feb 2016)20
Miss Kittin & The HackerParty In My Head (Two)starstarstarstarstar 19:27 (29 Feb 2016)20
The Black AngelsWar on Holiday (Indigo Meadow)starstarstarstarstar 19:25 (29 Feb 2016)20
Miss Kittin & The Hacker1000 Dreams (Two)starstarstarstarstar 19:19 (29 Feb 2016)20
Arcade FireSprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) (The Suburbs)starstarstarstarstar 19:14 (29 Feb 2016)21
InterpolLights (Interpol)starstarstarstarstar 19:08 (29 Feb 2016)21
Arcade FireWasted Hours (The Suburbs)starstarstarstarstar 19:05 (29 Feb 2016)22
KasabianLadies And Gentlemen (Roll The Dice) (The West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum)starstarstarstarstar 19:01 (29 Feb 2016)23
RoyksoppYou Don't Have A Clue (Junior)starstarstarstarstar 18:57 (29 Feb 2016)27
The VeilsLarkspur (Sun Gangs)starstarstarstarstar 18:48 (29 Feb 2016)13
Django DjangoSilver Rays (Django Django)starstarstarstarstar 18:44 (29 Feb 2016)19
Django DjangoLove's Dart (Django Django)starstarstarstarstar 18:41 (29 Feb 2016)19
Django DjangoHand Of Man (Django Django)starstarstarstarstar 18:38 (29 Feb 2016)19
Django DjangoLife's A Beach (Django Django)starstarstarstarstar 18:35 (29 Feb 2016)19
The Black AngelsDon't Play with Guns (Indigo Meadow)starstarstarstarstar 18:31 (29 Feb 2016)20
The Black AngelsBroken Soldier (Indigo Meadow)starstarstarstarstar 18:28 (29 Feb 2016)20
Fuck ButtonsThe Red Wing (Slow Focus)starstarstarstarstar 18:20 (29 Feb 2016)20

Creating Trackstat

The last weekend i've build my own scrobbling application visible for the world. Of course it's not finished, but the framework is working and it does what i missed since i abandoned I hacked a couple of things together using of course the database of the squeezeserver software. This wonderful piece of software keeps track of what you listen when you use either a hardware player, or the softsqueeze simulation software. There was only one thing that prevented using the listening history of the squeezeserver and that was the fact that each rescan of your library did reset your play count. This can be solved by installing the trackstat plugin for the squeezeserver. This plugin delivers a lot more goodies once you start rating your tracks, but you can read all that on the original plugin page.
I added an extra table to my squeezeserver database, track_statistic_monthly which holds the history for each track. In the end this will give me the opportunity for instance to see which songs i liked two years ago, but never listen to anymore.

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