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Julian PlentiH (Julian Plenti is... Skyscraper)starstarstarstarstar 02:23 (29 Feb 2016)26
KasabianFast Fuse (The West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum)starstarstarstarstar 02:19 (29 Feb 2016)27
RoyksoppVision One (Junior)starstarstarstarstar 02:14 (29 Feb 2016)28
Felix02-Felix-Don't You Want Me (Hooj Mix)starstarstarstarstar 02:08 (29 Feb 2016)2
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsStagger Lee (Murder Ballads)starstarstarstarstar 02:03 (29 Feb 2016)2
PixiesMonkey Gone To Heaven (Zurich 1989)starstarstarstarstar 02:00 (29 Feb 2016)3
Dead Can DanceCantara (A Passage in Time)starstarstarstarstar 01:54 (29 Feb 2016)3
Janis JoplinMe And Bobby McGee (Janis Disc 3)starstarstarstarstar 01:50 (29 Feb 2016)3
Skunk AnansieBrazen (Weep) (Stoosh)starstarstarstarstar 01:45 (29 Feb 2016)3
UnderworldMoaner (Beaucoup Fish)starstarstarstarstar 01:37 (29 Feb 2016)4
Echo & The BunnymenSeven Seas (Crystal Days 1979-99 (disc2))starstarstarstarstar 01:34 (29 Feb 2016)4
Depeche ModeEnjoy The Silence (Singles 1986-1998 (Disc 1))starstarstarstarstar 01:30 (29 Feb 2016)4
PixiesGigantic (2004-04-13)starstarstarstarstar 01:27 (29 Feb 2016)4
Cave Nick and the Bad SeedsFrom Her To Eternity (The Best Of)starstarstarstarstar 01:21 (29 Feb 2016)4
Massive AttackUnfinished Sympathy (Blue Lines)starstarstarstarstar 01:16 (29 Feb 2016)4
ZZ TopBlue Jean Blues (Fandango! (Vinyl Rip))starstarstarstarstar 01:11 (29 Feb 2016)4
asian dub foundationFortress Europe (Enemy Of The Enemy)starstarstarstarstar 01:07 (29 Feb 2016)5
Grant Lee BuffaloDemon Called Deception (Mighty Joe Moon)starstarstarstarstar 01:04 (29 Feb 2016)5
PortisheadGlory Box (PNYC)starstarstarstarstar 00:59 (29 Feb 2016)5
spasmodiqueyour boyfriendstarstarstarstarstar 00:55 (29 Feb 2016)5
Iggy PopI Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges (Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy Pop)starstarstarstarstar 00:52 (29 Feb 2016)5
REMI Remember California (Green)starstarstarstarstar 00:47 (29 Feb 2016)5
Echo & The BunnymenThe Killing Moon (All Night Ve (Crystal Days 1979-99 (disc2))starstarstarstarstar 00:38 (29 Feb 2016)5
David BowieCat People (Putting Out Fire) (Let's Dance)starstarstarstarstar 00:32 (29 Feb 2016)5
(Clan Of) XymoxStranger (Remix) (Clan Of Xymox)starstarstarstarstar 00:22 (29 Feb 2016)5

Creating Trackstat

The last weekend i've build my own scrobbling application visible for the world. Of course it's not finished, but the framework is working and it does what i missed since i abandoned I hacked a couple of things together using of course the database of the squeezeserver software. This wonderful piece of software keeps track of what you listen when you use either a hardware player, or the softsqueeze simulation software. There was only one thing that prevented using the listening history of the squeezeserver and that was the fact that each rescan of your library did reset your play count. This can be solved by installing the trackstat plugin for the squeezeserver. This plugin delivers a lot more goodies once you start rating your tracks, but you can read all that on the original plugin page.
I added an extra table to my squeezeserver database, track_statistic_monthly which holds the history for each track. In the end this will give me the opportunity for instance to see which songs i liked two years ago, but never listen to anymore.

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