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CalexicoMazurra (Spoke)starstarstarstarstar 01:06 (17 Oct 2008)1
Nick CaveJack The Ripperstarstarstarstarstar 19:28 (10 Oct 2008)1
The ResidentsBury Me Not (Cube-e)starstarstarstarstar 18:06 (10 Oct 2008)1
Crème De MenthePlastique (The New Preskriptions Of Dr. Lektroluv (Dr. Lektroluv Presents))starstarstarstarstar 01:15 (7 Oct 2008)1
The CardigansParalyzed (Live Roskilde '03) (Live @ Roskilde Festival (28 June 2003))starstarstarstarstar 00:35 (7 Oct 2008)1
Heather NovaFrontier (Glow Stars)starstarstarstarstar 23:37 (6 Oct 2008)1
DrukwerkMariannekestarstarstarstarstar 17:46 (6 Oct 2008)1
Echo & The BunnymenPaint It Black [live] (Crystal Days 1979-1999 [disc 4])starstarstarstarstar 16:50 (6 Oct 2008)1
Fall, theElf Prefix / L.A. (Seminal Live)starstarstarstarstar 14:47 (6 Oct 2008)1
Kill Bill''Sword Swings'' (SFX) (Kill Bill (Volume One))starstarstarstarstar 14:23 (6 Oct 2008)1
LambB Line - Outro (Fear of Fours)starstarstarstarstar 13:47 (6 Oct 2008)1
The ClashTommy Gun (The Singles)starstarstarstarstar 02:41 (6 Oct 2008)1
The Rolling StonesHave You Seen Your Mother Baby (Forty Licks (disc 1))starstarstarstarstar 23:35 (5 Oct 2008)1
Sublime IlusionSublime Ilusion (Cuba Libre - La Musica Cubana)starstarstarstarstar 21:02 (5 Oct 2008)1
Tubeway ArmyReplicas (Replicas)starstarstarstarstar 00:11 (5 Oct 2008)1
Urban Dance SquadGood Grief (Persona Non Grata)starstarstarstarstar 00:09 (3 Oct 2008)1
Urban Dance SquadForgery (Planet Ultra)starstarstarstarstar 23:04 (2 Oct 2008)1
Blind MelonHolyman (Blind Melon)starstarstarstarstar 14:35 (18 Sep 2008)1
SugarCubes, theMama (Life's Too Good)starstarstarstarstar 15:09 (6 Sep 2008)1
SugarCubes, theDelicious Demon (Life's Too Good)starstarstarstarstar 15:07 (6 Sep 2008)1
SugarCubes, theTraitor (Life's Too Good)starstarstarstarstar 15:00 (6 Sep 2008)1

Creating Trackstat

The last weekend i've build my own scrobbling application visible for the world. Of course it's not finished, but the framework is working and it does what i missed since i abandoned I hacked a couple of things together using of course the database of the squeezeserver software. This wonderful piece of software keeps track of what you listen when you use either a hardware player, or the softsqueeze simulation software. There was only one thing that prevented using the listening history of the squeezeserver and that was the fact that each rescan of your library did reset your play count. This can be solved by installing the trackstat plugin for the squeezeserver. This plugin delivers a lot more goodies once you start rating your tracks, but you can read all that on the original plugin page.
I added an extra table to my squeezeserver database, track_statistic_monthly which holds the history for each track. In the end this will give me the opportunity for instance to see which songs i liked two years ago, but never listen to anymore.

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