Tumblelog with Drupal, Simplefeed, Taxonomy and views

For my own documentation purposes I write this howto. If ths howto is helpful for you, that's even better. Keep in mind that with Drupal there are roughly unlimited ways to achieve what you want, that's the power as well as the weakness of Drupal.

For this website I wanted to create an aggregated Tumblelog. I wanted to import my bookmarks, findings and babblings elsewhere as a node. All items should be grouped under their original source and should show up in the correct order on th timeline. As described I tried FeedAPI to take care if importing the feeds as node, but I could not get it to act the way I intended it to be. And I'm now very happy with SimpleFeed.

Modules needed:

SimpleFeed it will be

Mvqgbl8r_0_0.jpgIt's growing. Last night I went to bed after a couple of hours playing with SimpleFeed. It had a nasty bug inside, but found an earlier reported way to circumvent the problem that items get imprted over and over again. It's almost perfect, just a tiny little issue left.
The paths are beautiful I think

It's time to upload the first image with IMCE and put some gallery modules to the test. It's photo time.

Drupal Tumblelog

I had no doubt it would be possible, to create a Tumblelog with Drupal as a platform. You see the thing is, I want to create this new website. Somewhat evolved from the old website. And I decided it would be Drupal based. I installed version 6.2 and delved my way through the available modules. At first glance there was a lot of choice. Since SimpleFeed referred to FeedApi and several sources claimed FeedApi was the way to go; I was sold.

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