Playing avi video on the ipad

Last week my employer gave us an iPad. Happy happy joy, it's a lovely device, but it is as i call "autistic". Basically it can only use iTunes to send and receive files, it can only play registered filetypes and so on. For most users this is just fine, apple thinks. I disagree. I've got tons of video stored on my network and would love to watch some of them on the iPad without hooking it up with iTunes, just to get the video on the device.
There are of course a couple of solutions for this problem, but most of them require a windows or apple machine to be turned on which would airplay the video in a format the iPad understands. This works well for most, but I would not like to have yet another machine turned on day and night just to facilitate this video watching desire. I haven't looked hard, but i doubt there is a linux airplay so this was no solution for me.

Mijn uitzicht

Today some riding along the river. Just at the end i remembered i had to shoot a video.

3 Days with a HDX 1000 mediatank

1227777878_0.jpgLast friday we set out for a mission. It was decided that finally it was time to put something easy beside the television that could play video from the network. After a quick round-up of some candidates i stuck with the HDX 1000. This what we wanted to have years ago. After a sunny bike ride to Bergschenhoek we returned home with

  • a HDX 1000
  • a wireless USB dongle
  • a hard disk of 1TB (so they claim)

I could not get the separate USB wifi working at first but after downloading the latest firmware to an USB-stick and installing it on the HDX everything went smooth, it's just not something you expect to be doing with a brand new machine out of the box.

Assume The Position

History is pop culture, or when the legend becomes fact, print the legend!

A Vision of Students Today

2525: Een essay uit het YouTube-tijdperk: A Vision of Students Today

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