Serious laptops

Last year (2011) something terrible happened, the extinction of laptops with 16:10 dimensions. Nowadays it's all 16:9 galore preaching the multi-media hype that is storming in laptop land. And I wept. And with me a lot of other professionals who spend their days behind a laptop screen creating code, websites, images or other creative producers. We need screen-real estate and to be more precise, we need height.
Together with a brother in arm we started Serious laptops hoping we can make a change and make manufacturers aware that there's more than meets the eye.
In an age where tablets and phones get display upgrades every month it's time to look back at the laptops which are used to create the web you all enjoy so much. We will start writing at manufacturers asking them to reconsider and offer better panels on their laptops as well.
I hope you'll all join so we can make a fist.

Business as usual

That was an unpleasant surprise last Thursday. After coming out of bed and my usual shower I walked downstairs to have my morning coffee and go to work. I passed my squeezebox and noticed the black screen. I turned round and ascended to the attic. The absence of the normal buzz triggered a rush. The server was completely down. And so was my NAS. I was as you can imagine not amused. The strange thing was that anything not connected to the UPS was buzzing as normal, just the devices that get their current from the UPS were down. I tried to reset the UPS to no avail. Quickly i replaced the power cords and booted the server and the NAS.

Getting there slowly

I'm getting there slowly. All pictures that were stored in my old image gallery are imported by hand, at least most of them. I've left out some sets but the best part is over here. I made a backup of the current state. From now on it will be a hard time coding I'm afraid. I do want to import most of the content, and that means comments as well. And when I import comments, I would like to get the users in as well. At least, those users who have made comments on my website. Accounts without any comments can go.
So that means delving deeper into Drupal. Not that is a problem, it's more an amount of time I wish I could spend elsewhere. The design is pretty much done. Still got IE6 to fix, it works remarkably well in IE7, so that's a relief. Only the background png's are borked in ie so i will do those again as gif or jpg.
The how to's are in as well. again by hand, but that was easy, those were static pages anyway.

Tomorrow I'll start coding the import.

New site

Appie goes Weblog!

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