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I really hate this. I own both the hardware and the movie yet I can't play this. When I download the movie, I can play it anywhere anytime. The world is still fucked up after 10 years of digital consumers complaining. Stop putting corrupted DVD players in


jonwild posted a photo:

Olympus Trip
Kodak TMAX100 @ISO160 home processed in Diafine
Negative scanned at 16bit grayscale, 2400dpi.

Geeknotes: couple of dupe layers, one with horizontal motion blur, one with vertical both soft light blended. Then split toned and finessed in Lightroom before sending back to Photoshop for a few cm of black to be added round the outside and blended into the edges of the picture with a soft black brush.

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Another Rainy Night

Life in Nanning posted a photo:

Another Rainy Night

Taken the same night as this photo.

Three Guineas by Virginia Woolf

Jealousy and Control (PDF)

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