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K I K U T S U R U: Erikae

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Erikae, literally, Changing the collar, is the ceremony a maiko performs when she graduates from being a maiko to full-fledged geiko, exchanging her embroidered, red collar for a plain white one.

Kikutsuru is Kyoto's newest (and I dare say most beautiful) Geiko! Omedetou, Kikutsuru-san! Congratulations!

Chris Conn Askew


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Pentax *ist DS/ ISO 800

Vacations - BUT ...I'll be back soon

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Vacations - BUT  ...I'll be back soon

My dear friends I'm on vacations...but wait for me!!! See you all soon! (Going to see my family)
Meus amigos, estou de férias, mas esperem por mim, vejo vocês logo! ( Indo ver minha família)
Mis amigos, estoy de vacaciones, esperen me que luego regreso ! (A visitar mi família)

And Now That She Has Awoken

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And Now That She Has Awoken

View this @ my DeviantART gallery: www.deviantart.com/deviation/55095053/

When I saw the photo of the blue forest, 'Underworld Evolution' instantly came into my mind. So here is a new piece of art, vampire-inspired. And btw, I wanted to match the color of the butterfly with the color of her lips, so there. The title came from a poem I wrote:

Dream No More
And now that she has awoken
From the deep slumber of a hundred years
Never to return again into the world
Of foolish emotions and bizarre insanity
All was a fairytale dream
That began with a foolish desire
That it seemed to them that fate
Had brought his love to her
And so the tale was written in memoirs of retrospect
Masked with almost deceiving perfection
As each dreaming day went on
Never wanting to part from the dream
But one day she did understand
That the dream she had commenced
Was all a nightmare schemed to make her cry
And from that broken dream
Of a fairytale that turned out to be a lie
The wrath of a fragile heart
Led her to say goodbye
Such sweet sorrow that wreathed her soul
But then no one could behold the tears
That she was reckoned to cry
For her soul was strong and her heart was free
Never broken by that memory
And so she had written in her destiny
With no regrets nor uncertainty
"I shall dream of him for never more
And he shall never dream of me."

© Maxinne Marie

Stock Credits
Model nanfe-stock.deviantart.com/
Forest diesel-stock.deviantart.com/
Butterfly shoofly-stock.deviantart.com/
Hair Brushes trisste-stock.deviantart.com/

Really really like you

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Really really like you

This cherry had been soaked in alcohol to make a Cherry liquor. That's why the fruit is so dark. The stem is actually from grapes.
Because of the smoothness of the cherry, I had to figure out a way to have the bubbles stick to the skin. I used a nail file to roughen it enough to get the desired result.
And yes, it would have been easier to just wait for the cherry season... but my imagination sometimes runs wild and in a rush...
=P practicing my english anyway...

Nesta foto, uso uma cereja que estava embebida em licor, razão da mesma ser escura.
Usei o cabinho de uva pra imitar o de cereja e como a cereja tem a superficie liza as bolhas não se formavam, usei uma lixa de unha pra dar mais aspereza e assim consegui o resultado... Sim, seria mais fácil esperar a época da fruta, mas minha imaginação corre solta e com pressa!


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Estampa vencedora do concurso de camisetas tipográficas Mixtape + Camiseteria.

Classificação: 10º lugar.


'Alles van waarde...'

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'Alles van waarde...'

Everything that is valuable, is defenceless.

Quote from famous Dutch poet Lucebert made famous by an ... insurance company, Stad Rotterdam (or in full Maatschappij van Assurantie, Discontering en Beleening der Stad Rotterdam Anno 1720!).

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