De rode donder

Today i drove the first meters with 'De rode donder' (The red thunder) which i build in the past months. It was tricky since this was really a homebuild bike, even the rear wheel was done by myself. It turned out pretty well, only the cog was loose so i stopped over @010fixedgear which had the right tools to lock things up really tight. After that was fixed and i had lost the worries for my rear wheel on the first miles i could really step on it. It was wonderful, the gear (44x15) being a notch heavier then what i'm used to was a good choice. This machine can go fast. Can't wait to cycle along the forest next week when i go back to work where i have a 2.5 kilometer stretch all for myself, no cars, just tarmac and trees. Then i'll know how fast is fast.

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